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Hi, I'm Martijn!

Always in for a challenge
Driven by enthusiasm

Life is great. Really. And it becomes even more interesting if you consider striving for happiness as a daily routine. Our actual goals may (and will) vary for each of us and you should discover yours if you haven't yet. In pursue of my own ambitions, I have developed a surprising skill set that I actually really enjoy.

Due to my scientific background and being extremely triggered by challenges, I gently embraced an analytical entrepreneurial way of thinking that proves to be quite unique. This mindset enables me to quickly gain hands-on insight into a project, spiced up with some unconventional creativity. Hooray!



Professional websites or web applications for your online identity.


High-quality custom module development and contribution to the Drupal community.

Educational Instructor

Educational training and coaching for your community or company.

Party DJ

Non-stop vibes using all kind of genres. Hakuna Matata is already on the playlist!